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“The Irish pianist Finghin Collins then led his attentive listeners into a totally different sound-world with the three Estampes by Debussy. Extremely senstively and with the most delicate attack, the images were conjured up… a brilliant start by the Dublin pianist, whom we will hear many times again during the week..”

 Paul Krick, Saarbruecker Zeitung, June 25th 2014

 "...But the most unusual offering of the first weekend was a talk by Finghin Collins about developing a career as a concert pianist in Ireland. Collins is by some distance the most successful Irish pianist of his generation, and was one of those players who seemed destined for the top from a very young age. His air of self-possession, and of possessing both the stage and his audience, marked him out from his peers.... A fuller exposition of personal and professional togetherness you couldn’t have asked for."

Michael Dervan, The Irish Times, July 30th 2014

"And yet, something different happened: he played in a way that made you all but forget how these pieces were technical nightmares. His mastery was so assured and complete. He tamed them. Technique departed centre-stage. He didn’t play as though trying to prove something, but rather as though recounting some little story he had uncovered in each one. This was transcendent playing. Collins transcended Chopin’s technical minefield, filtered out all the noise of physical overachievement, and reverted to music-making. It was spellbinding stuff that reached deep." read full review

Michael Dungan, The Irish Times, October 1st 2014


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"Ravishing and tender though this was, you could feel the excitement of the ensuing Allegro waiting just around the corner. Young Irish pianist Finghin Collins was alert to the music's wayward tenderness - left and right hand conversing like lovers - and its sudden moments of triumph."

Ivan Hewett, The Daily Telegraph, September 10th 2010